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We define Transparent Telepresence as the experience of being fully present at a live real world location remote from one's own physical location. Someone experiencing transparent telepresence would therefore be able to behave, and receive stimuli, as though at the remote site. The resulting vicarious interactive participation in activities, and the carrying out of physical work, will bring benefits to a wide range of users. Examples include the emergency and security services, entertainment and education industries, and those of restricted mobility such as the disabled or elderly.

For any telepresence system there are three essential sub-systems, i.e. the home site technology which interfaces to the user and the communication link, the communication link itself which interfaces to the home site and the remote site, and the remote site technology which interfaces with the communication link and possibly a remote site human. We are interested in all aspects of these sub-systems, as is evident from our existing and past work. These sub-systems are now described in general terms, more details on our own systems can be found in the list of Publications.

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